Healthcare Financing to Give Your Working Capital a Boost

When patients visit their healthcare practitioners, they are only concerned about seeing the medical professional; so much so, many bills are left unpaid. This cuts into a healthcare facility’s working capital, which is why many administrators look into healthcare financing.

Reasons to Secure Funding

Medical practices have day-to-day operating expenses just as any other business has. When the accounts receivables don’t come through the door, administrators must look elsewhere for needed income. Here at Muth Capital, we offer healthcare financing to help you

  • Through a tight spot
  • Consolidate your debt and reduce your interest
  • Lease or purchase the latest medical equipment
  • Expand your practice or buy out a partner

Muth Capital wants you to succeed, and we are happy to discuss these funding options with you.

Agreeable Terms

When you apply for financing, we are proud to say

  • You will not be required to submit an upfront payment
  • We will offer you terms up to 72 months
  • We do not report your loan to personal credit bureaus

You will only be required to fill out an application for loans up to $75,000. If you need more financing than that, we will ask for an application and full financials.

Let Us Help You

You spend your days helping others. Now it’s time to let us help you. Contact Muth Capital today to discuss your healthcare financing options.