Join Our Referral and Broker Program and Grow Your Office

Opening up a financial business is a tall proposition, but you’ll be successful. You know it and we know it. If you join Muth Capital’s referral and broker program, we will work together to build both of our businesses. Our program is win-win, which is why we’re so excited about it. We work with brokers and individuals looking to become sales representatives. When we work together, we all reap the benefits.

What We Will Do for You

We believe that if we can’t deliver the best deals for you, you have no motivation to refer your clients to our financial products. When you join our referral and broker program, we offer

  • Commissions/referral fees designed to lure you away from our competitors
  • Reciprocation that sends clients back to you when they contact us again
  • Commitment letters that we stick to
  • Prompt payments at closure
  • Upfront disclosure fees so you aren’t embarrassed

Why do we do all this? We want to build a beneficial and continuing relationship with you.

What About Coming to Work for Us?

If you’d prefer a sales position with us, we’re happy to consider bringing you on board provided you are confident, friendly, have a wonderful sense of humor, motivated and organized. We set you up for success by

  • Offering a variety of lending vehicles you can sell
  • Paying additional commission for your hard work
  • Providing a support team ready to help you find your clients exactly what they need
  • Helping you establish your career and future

We also allow our sales personnel to work from wherever they desire, including a home office if that’s what you prefer.

Let’s Get Started Today

Contact us here at Muth Capital to discuss how your career goals fit into our referral and broker program. We look forward to establishing a successful business relationship with you that will benefit all parties involved, whether you wish to broker or be a sales representative.

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