Leverage the Power of Your Merchant Sales

Big banks aren’t inclined to give small businesses financing. They aren’t interested in taking on what they consider to be high risks. If you’re a small business strapped for cash, you can turn your merchant sales into a merchant cash advance through Muth Capital.

Borrow Against Your Future Revenue

A merchant cash advance is a simple way to get your hands on much-needed cash. If you accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa or other credit cards, you can take a cash advance against your future sales to

  • Cover unexpected operating costs or emergencies.
  • Expand your business at the ideal time.
  • Purchase additional inventory for your busy season.
  • Purchase equipment.

These are just some things for which small businesses use these advances.

Don’t Sweat the Application

If your business has a proven record of merchant sales, you will likely qualify for an advance. The beauty of this financing is:

  • You needn’t have perfect credit or collateral.
  • The application is quick, easy and free.
  • There are no closing costs or fixed payments.
  • You don’t lose equity.

At Muth Capital, we offer advances up to $200,000. Our repayment system is flexible, taking a set percentage of weekly sales, instead of locking businesses into rigid payment schedules. This way you can repay the advance without placing a strain on cash flow. Contact our team today to learn more about our merchant cash advance options.