Business Teams: How to Build a Successful Team Top to Bottom

It would be nice if creating a successful business team was as easy as casting the actors for a popular movie. All the top stars, with all of their talent, left to their devices to create magic. Businesses don’t work that simply, though, and neither do movies.

There are few essential things every company needs to implement to create strong teamwork, and it’s more than hiring the right people.

Clear Goals

Business teams should have a clear vision for what they are working towards. This is not only within the team, but within the company. What does success look like in the company? What are we all working towards? If goals are clear and repeated, business teams may work separate from others, but they should have no problem getting along and pushing for the greater good.


Company culture needs to come before team culture. A team culture can develop a persona on its own if you let it, and soon your office will look more like a scene from Mean Girls than a professional company. Create clear values that define what you want your company culture to be. What does the company strive for? What types of people does it want to cultivate? Get your employees on the same page and expectation of company culture, and you won’t have to worry (as much) about divisions within teams or amongst teams.


One of the last and greatest things you can do to encourage successful teams is to work by example. Show them what respect looks. Give respect to those in higher, equal, and lower positions, and you may find them mimicking your actions. Get to know them and show them you have trust in the results they are working to gain. Encourage constructive discussion and create an atmosphere of comfort.

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