How does a Positive Office Environment Impact Productivity?

A poor office environment is not fun at all: people can become fearful, unhappy, and just want to do their jobs and go home as fast as possible. Productivity can take a dive, since poorly motivated people are less likely to want to rise to the occasion and go above and beyond.

This is also true at the other end: satisfied employees can collectively create a more positive culture. Friendships are stronger and managers have to push less to get good results. This environment also can lead to higher productivity, whatever the product or service.

Certainly there are going to be days where things aren’t fun, but in an environment of trust and caring, even the occasional tough day won’t come close to matching daily stresses found in a less happy place.

Poor morale

An un-fun place to work may have all sorts of emotional, even physical, consequences. said workplace stress can easily lead to problems at work and home. On one report, 80 percent of people said they feel regular stress on the job, which can trigger health complaints, plus negative feelings like wanting to hurt other co-workers or scream and shout due to high stress. Chronic stress can cause poor work habits, more sick days and more turn-over.

Better morale

One study in Britain even indicated that a happy, positive office environment is so rewarding that employees would rather have that as a benefit than higher compensation. This also shows that a high-paying job in a poor atmosphere will bring little satisfaction.

Study participants said positive and fun co-workers can make a huge difference in whether individuals feel satisfied or stressed.

Companies looking for ways to implement or improve their conditions can try these suggestions:

• Display genuine empathy.

• Look for ways to help

• Encourage employees to seek advice about work and beyond.

Overall, various office environment studies indicate that a positive workplace works wonders in terms of boosting productivity. One firm that prides itself on a good culture Muth Capital Group, which provides a variety of business loans and financing  solutions.

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