The Best Business Strategy Is Building a Great Team

When you are planning on expanding your operation and taking on new markets, you need a good strategy to make sure everyone is pulling toward the same goal with compatible methods. Your business strategy determines the kinds of tactics your team sees as valuable, making it easier for them to make great choices on behalf of the company. The fact is, the best strategy is to value this ability, and to focus on building the best team possible. The best part is, when your overall guiding principles are all geared to help recruit and retain top performers, it creates a virtuous circle that keeps your business moving forward productively.


The key to building the best team for your next phase of growth is understanding your market well enough to find the best people to lead in it. If you’re moving into a new geographic region, that means finding someone with knowledge and on the ground experience to help select the best tactics for each phase of your expansion. Similarly, if you’re seeking to break into a new market in a geographic area you already cover, like if you’re expanding your targeted demographics, then you’ll need representative guidance from members of the group you’re hoping to recruit.


When your business strategy is built around empowering your people to make great decisions and trusting their knowledge, you also set an organizational value on admitting when you need someone else’s expertise. This is also productive because it makes employees more likely to seek out subject area experts when they are stumped in a situation, increasing the brainpower available for solving problems and ensuring your team as a unit produces the results you’re looking for.


The best team members you’ll have might not look like your top performers, but if you’re building a strategy around having a high performing staff overall, you’ll need them. Those are the people who provide the support, who seem to put in less time on their own projects, but who are located near or working in small groups with the top performers. No one excels in a vacuum, and when you recognize the value of every member of a team, you can more easily build the support structures you need to nurture the careers of both your high performers and your support team.


Selecting the right business strategy goes hand in hand with setting your company’s cultural tone and making its values clear. When you value your team and seek to build the best one possible, your employees will see it, and they will respond.

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