Tips to Get Your Small Business Through It’s First Year of Business

You already know starting a new small business is a gamble. Many new businesses struggle to survive past their first year, with the half of those businesses closing after five years. Luckily, the odds of staying open have been increasing since the 90s, and now almost 80 percent of all new businesses survive their first year in decent shape.

While the odds have gotten better, it is still smart to be proactive and set your small business on the path towards success and many years of operation. You can set your journey in motion with just a few steps in the right direction.

Make Sure Your Business Plan is Solid

Write a plan that covers the next five years and includes as many details as possible, especially business plan and structure, sales strategies, marketing plans, and financial projections.

Measure Your Progress

Set reliable metrics for success and follow pre-designed strategies to achieve those targets. Be sure to consider potential obstacles and contingency plans to overcome those setbacks or if you find yourself off-track. Stay nimble: flexibility, adaptability, and staying cool under pressure are your keys to success.

Create Great Content

Great content is a must if you want to succeed. Your content is the voice of your brand, so make sure it reflects the personality of your business while still appealing to your target market. Great content, including stellar social posts, incredible engagement, and bold, beautiful blogs will set your small business apart from the competition.

Focus on Customer Service

Speaking of engagement, it is imperative to make customer service a priority in your business plan. Your customers are your lifeblood, so make them loyal, keep them happy, and keep them coming back for more with loyalty programs, incentives, and stellar service overall.

With the right small business plan and a few preparations, your company will be on the path to success. Muth Capital can help–for more great tips on turning your startup into a long-term success, call us today to schedule a consultation.

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